History of the Fire Axe

In ancient times axes were very common in daily life. A double-faced ax for wood felling, single bit or large faced adz for shaping timbers, small axes (hatchets) for use in the home, axes were everywhere. Even a battle axe for waging war. To get at the hidden fire in the log and timber buildings of that time an axe was needed. Some believe the battle ax lead to the fire ax. While others believe the common single bit ax with a pick added became our Fire Axe.

This pick created what became the first improvement to a working tool specific for firefighting purposes. And the long tradition for the pick ax as a firefighting tool began. It has remained relatively unchanged into current times. Today, every, ladder truck, engine, fire squad, tanker even some ambulances have a pick head ax in their inventory

Early artists and others show firefighters running with their axes or swinging their axe while bravely going about their tasks. The ax appears on the earliest membership certificates.

Today in many fire departments a fire ax is presented as a retirement gift or as a memorial plaque remembering a proud, faithful or honored career. We help carry on this tradition with our personalized ax plaques.as retirement gifts and awards recognizing a firefighter's service and honoring their dedication to the community and department.

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